Tie sledka
In the classic fashion tie is the only detail of a male business suit, with which its owner can manifest its individuality. In the past three years, a narrow tie is at the peak of popularity. However, his story began for quite a long time.

Tie history: From ancient times to this day

The story of the tie has more than two thousand years. Another Roman legionnaires, according to historians, were on the neck of silver and gold colors on the neck, which can be considered by the genericants of modern ties.

And fashion flourishing on ties in Europe falls at the time of the reign of the king of Louis Fourteenth. It was he who began to pay special attention to the cervical decorations for men.

Since then, ties have undergone many changes and improvements. The neck scarves were replaced with lush bows, butterfly ties were inferior to long striped ties.

Narrow (thin) ties became popular in the 60s of the last century, reflecting their form current at that time minimalism.

Now a thin tie, which is also called the "herring", returned, and again becomes a sample style. This type of ties attracts men who follow the fashion and not afraid to bring changes to their clothing style.

And, of course, the tie-herd should be correctly tied! It is enough not easy to master the ability to tie a tie, just after reading the verbal description.

To whom the tie sled

This tie is not only suitable for men, but also women who want to emphasize their individuality. In accordance with the latest trends, it can be considered universal.

Tie is an integral part of a male business suit. A narrow tie attaches ease of image, slightly, and creates a bright image.

Ties-herders can be worn with almost any clothes. However, quite often a man, glading that a narrow tie can be worn not only with strict costumes, dress up so that they are not the most favorable impression.

How and with what wearing a thin tie

Thin tie can be combined with any clothes if you go to the club, to a party or to meet with friends. Please note that such a tie will look beautiful on you, if you have a thin bodybuilding. A narrow tie does not combine with massive accessories, such as big hours or thick chains. In the business atmosphere no tie, even narrow, do not wear with jeans and sneakers. The user needs to be a new registrant and shouldn’t have done any deposits before that deposit. If you are satisfied with the requirements then you are obviously free from the 1xBet Promo Code for Indian give you access to the bookmaker’s bonus program. 1xBet is for players who like to bet on different sports, love to try out new things and enjoy regular promotions that give them more cash to play with. There is a huge variety of different promotions here on 1xBet and that's never a bad thing! Signup on 1xBet is easy - in less than a minute, you can have a 1xBet account up and running!