Kansino new name of Batavia Casino

Kansino new name of Batavia Casino

Batavia Casino has changed its name to Kansino. The name change took effect on February 17 and is intended to "create clarity around their operations." The company stated this in a message to its affiliates.

Play North, the company behind Kansino, and thus formerly Batavia Casino, noticed that consumers perceived the name as confusing. In some cases, the company writes a message to its affiliates. Despite all the casino changes, online casinos in India remain one of the most popular globally. With the name change from Batavia Casino to Kansino, the company wants to remove this ambiguity, both to existing and future players. The clarity that the name change should bring to both groups is that Kansino is a company that focuses exclusively on online casinos in the Netherlands.

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"We noticed that the name Batavia confused some. It doesn't fit with us. We want to make our proposition clear in our name and differentiate ourselves from other companies in the Netherlands. We are a purely focused company on online casinos, and we want to communicate that. It is our social duty to remove confusion and ambiguity and to be clear about what kind of company we are."

Klas Winberg, CEO Play North Limited

The new name Kansino was implemented as of February 17. The new name and URL can also be seen on the license page at the Chancellor's Office since February 15.

Name change Batavia Casino to Kansino is remarkable
The name change from Batavia Casino to Kansino can be called remarkable. The casino was among the first group of licensees and launched in the Netherlands on October 6, 2021.

The website kansino.nl was registered on January 28, 2022, according to SIDN.

Immediately after the launch, an advertising campaign was launched, which resulted in the brand being frequently seen on Dutch television. According to Nielsen, Kansino's parent company Play North had gross media spend for Batavia of over €8 million in the first four months after launch. In January, while some other parties were actually spending less, the company was actually spending more than ever before on advertising.

Recently, the Advertising Code Committee ruled on an advertisement for Batavia Casino. However, the Advertising Code Foundation did not argue that the advertising presented unfair chances of winning and rejected the complaint.

The website kansino.nl was registered on January 28, 2022, according to SIDN. On February 5, 2022, another change was made. The website went live on Thursday, February 17. On February 3, Kansino was urgently registered with the BOIP by law firm Hogan Lovells from Amsterdam. Kansino was thus registered as a trademark with the trademark register, while Batavia Casino was never filed.


Origins Batavia

In addition to the name of the online casino which since February 17, 2022 has gone through life as Kansino, Batavia is the ancient name for the city that today is called Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia. It is also the name of an Amsterdam ship that was launched in 1628 and sailed under the flag of the VOC.

In the Netherlands, Batavia is a district in Nijmegen and the namesake of Batavia Stad, an outlet shopping center on the outskirts of Lelystad. Batavia Stad Fashion Outlet did recently register its trademark with the European Union Intellectual Property Office, although that is no indication that there are problems between the two brands.

Play North Limited, in addition to Kansino (Batavia), also operates Pikakasino and Rocket Casino, two online casinos especially popular in Finland. Play North recently joined VNLOK, an industry association that otherwise includes mainly land-based casinos that also operate online.