Review of the film Salome Tech
In general, this is an unusual review - because, you see, it is unusual to find a little on the portal dedicated to the cinema, an overview of the scenic formulation. However, given the fact that we are talking about the support of art, and the actual project implemented with the support of the cultural fund - as well as a saturated visual part (including video keys) - a review here, on one of the leading portals, will be appropriate. So now is a review to the premiere of the presentation of the Multimedia Mystery "Salome Tech".

Actually, the interesting way to Opera Richard Strauss "Salome" on the play of Oscar Wilde on the stage in the Ukrainian territory - in Soviet times it was banned; In Ukraine, it is its first "way out to the world." However, the director Olesya Guzar (the project of the Odessa Light Fest) decided to go even further - deciding the classic libretto in a modern Hi-Tech manner.

In general, the creators, the artistic team, faced a rather difficult task - since "Conditioning" while maintaining the initial artistic background - not uncommon. However, it is the result that is really impressive. Expressive and magnificent costumes, and the ability to work with the material - as, for example, illustrating musical parties (classic German text) multimedia inserts, a combination of classic vocals, mixing, video access and light show. Yes, now the sky of Jerusalem is the screens of smartphones of heroes (as well as "illustrations" to the text of the masterpieces of world painting and the classics of cinema), and their social status is measured by the number of gadgets and the fact that they are designed to improvised "screen".

So, according to one of the authors of the idea and representative of the art group, Olga Kashashbekova is a story about replacing the concepts: Communication - curses, faith - a cult, ministry - tyranny ... And only when John is going on - we see harmony and infinity. Special attention, except for the huge work of costumes and decorators, deserves work with light - the rays from the armor of the heroes permeate not only the scene, but also the hall - creating, except for meaningful - and the light visual "bridge"

It would be ungrateful not to remember the performers of opera parties. So, Solomei's party was performed by Tatyana Epipova, Herod - Ruslan Zineshevich, Iodiada - Elena Vishnevskaya, Yokanaan (John Baptist) - Vsevolod Sazonov, Guardian Narrabota - Nikita Oleinik, Pizza - Anastasia Polishchuk. In addition - we can note separately and theatrical skill of performers - and separately - the stage embodiment of the "Tank of seven covers".

As a conclusion. Staging on November 9, for the invitation to which Thanks to the UKF and the coordinator of the project Anastasia Lavrinenko is only the first display, which has proven a high level of the project. The project that will unite the actual classic approach, and those who will be interested in the "illustrative" visual part, a high-level project, and which, I hope, will not be the last in the cultural environment. Best reliable with ukrainian girls.