MAFIA WARS passing tips - basic tasks # 040
Episode 7 - Killer

The last episode in Bangkok has two unexpected advantages. First of all, you do not need to stock by any disposable objects, as they do not need them here. During the game in this episode, you will not be forced to choose a fraction and pass the game in a linear way. The main complexity in this episode is the need for the purchase of the most expensive Thai standard items and in large quantities. Before you start this episode, do not forget to expand your possessions, because you will have to find several tens of millions of bats.

Ghost Altea (Quest: Dutch's daughter)

06 Ruins

Fire Guarders (Monsters Do Quest: Fired In The North)


Gil Moriddan (collector)

4 leather claws: vest (armor: 31).

08 Entrance to the courthouse Greench

Legerd Aberlod (collector)

3 Gorgral's Sales Skulls: Lower Bag

Flame Corridor, Dragon Temple

Corridor of the Flame Temple

01 Charr Altar

Charr Altar (Run quest: ashes altei)


Get a member of the gang back to Thailand (click on the help of Yakuza help)

Break to the Government Research Center

Steal an experienced sample armor

Titanium Mesh Jacket (Armor, Attack: 31, Protection: 46)

Dragon esophagus

02 Gul

Ashram Fenn (collector)

3 Scar Behemoth Jaws: Name Chakra (Energy +6, requirement 5 Fast Casting), Grim Cesta (Energy +6, requirement 5 Magic Blood), Scroll (energy +6, requirement 5 Storage Storage), shocking plasma blade (Lighting damage: 7-10, Requirement 4, skill of owning a sword), gloomy Cesta (energy +6, requirement 5, Magic of death), bow of Askalon (piercing damage: 9-13, requirement 3: shooting, two-handed).


Nazig Fenn (collector)

9 terrible ribs: bag (accommodates 5 items)

Foothills Askalona

Note: It's much easier to get here from the Valley of Travelers.

01 Statue of Grant

Craftsman Rutger (materials)

Clay brick (1 brick dirt + 1 pile of sparkling dust), chained glass bottle (5 pile of sparkling dust), leather square (5 tanned skins), ink bottle (4 vegetable fibers + 1 vial from tempered glass), wood lump coal (10 wood boards), alcohol board (5 wooden boards + 10 pile of sparkling dust), roll of linen (5 vegetable fibers), steel ingot (10 iron bars + 1 piece of wood coal).

Dael (collector)

3 leathery claws: bag (accommodates 5 items)

02 Osvalta tombstones

Oswalt Alston (Quest: Oswald Epitaph)

Non-tracked cell phone

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