Watch Dogs Tips - Main Missions # 007

Many places in Archylte Steppe will not be available for you without Chocobo. To get this huge chicken, you must fulfill the mission number 14. As a reward you get the reins of Gizala. You can call your Mount Now, but only in places marked with a yellow feather.

Chokobo will help you travel the Gran Pulse. In addition, it will help you avoid some enemy soldiers. Remember that you have three moral points at the beginning, and each hit lowers it at 1. When it reaches zero, your chicken will run away. The next thing is when you enter Archylte Steppe, five places with treasures will appear. When you find yourself next to him, and an exclamation mark will appear above your chicken head. It will vibrate (the faster vibrates, the closer you are to the treasure). When you are there, click the correct button and get an item:




Golden Nugget


Moogle Puppet.


Teddy Chokobo


There are also some items that you get when you make the right amount of excavations.


Number of excavations

Golden Nugget


Tetrad Corona


Tetrad Tiara


Entite Ring




List of achievements

Print Commandos


Mastered the role of Commando.

Las the role of synergist.

Get the 5th level synergist and all its abilities.

Printing medic


Mastered the role of the doctor.

Get a top 5th level and all its abilities.

Tool of Fate


Made the first steps towards unfair fate.

Complete the first chapter.

Instrument dissent


Survived the cleaning to withstand greater danger.

Complete the II chapter.

Tool tragedy


I went into the lair danger and paid for the consequences.

Complete the III chapter.

Flight Tool


Slipped into the network and lived to fight another day.

Complete the IV chapter.

Tool of ignition


It was decided to be not just a victim of circumstances.

Complete the V chapter.

Survival tool


Pursued pursuers, although the memories of the past were still pursued.

Complete the VI chapter.

Tool uprising

Expand around yourself as much ammunition. Additional materials will surely help your teammates, and you will receive a certain amount of points without spending a lot of sweat. Also pay attention to the command chat and oral messages that your allies use. If they need cartridges, they can inform you about it.

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